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Save your back and your wallet: Moving heavy furniture is now a breeze!

Moving large and heavy furniture can be extremely frustrating and often expensive and time consuming. You'll have to pay a lot for the labor, or hurt yourself trying to do it yourself.

The solution: Introducing Barea™ - heavy duty furniture elevator, your new partner in furnishing your home. Whether you're moving in the new year of 2023 or redecorating your home, Barea™ lets you move small and heavy furniture so easily that you can do it all yourself; even teenagers can do it. No problem!

Give your home a makeover, because the new year calls for a new you and a new home. It's time to redecorate your living room and rearrange everything.

Why only Barea™ - Heavy duty furniture hoist?

Save your back & your hard earned money here too - We have made the whole process labor saving & economical. You don't need any labor or special tools to get the job done. The non-slip pads and 360-degree rotation make it easy to transport large, bulky items without damaging or injuring them.

Perfect for transporting heavy furniture - No need to worry about whether Barea™ can withstand the weight of your large refrigerator and dryer! Its smart design and durable material make it perfect for the job. Load it with as much weight as you can, as each wheel can support a load of 300 kg, so you can be sure it's perfect for the job!

Lift and move anything you can imagine in your home - Use Barea™ for your sofa, bed, sofa set, closet, refrigerator, washing machine, bookshelf, piano table and anything you want to move! Thanks to the sturdy wheels, they glide effortlessly over any surface, from hardwood floors to carpets.

Sure to glide on any surface - No matter what your floor. Whether it's wood, marble or carpet, the Barea™ is extremely safe because we tested it on a variety of surfaces before launch. So you can be sure that your floor will stay as good as new.

Incredibly easy and fun to use - It's effortless and can be used by anyone - regardless of their strength!

  1. The furniture lifter will raise your furniture just enough to slide the casters underneath. We even included a convenient height adjuster for easy adjustment.
  2. Then you need to slide the glides under your furniture and appliances.
  3. And now: Glide! Thanks to the small wheels, you can easily move any piece of furniture.


  • Material: ABS Plastic + Iron
  • Total length: 34*10cm/13.39*3.94"
  • Single wheel size: 10*0.78cm/3.94*0.31"
  • Maximum load capacity: 200kg

Package includes:

  • 1 * Barea™ - Heavy Duty Furniture Hoist.
  • 4 * Mover Wheels

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