Barea™ - Universal Rotating 1080° Robot Faucet (50% Discount)

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Never hang your head while washing your face again - Barea™ gives you a splash-free cleaning experience!

The universal, rotating 1080° robotic faucet is designed for anyone who has trouble keeping water splashes away when washing their face and hands. You don't need to worry about it anymore, because you can adjust it according to your needs.

We also made it of stainless material to keep your health factor in the first place, because it will not rust and contaminate the water, which in other cases can have serious health consequences.

Thousands have been sold in the last few months, proving the credibility of our Barea™ - Universal Rotating 1080° Robotic Fitting and the trust of our customers.

Learn how Universal Rotating 1080° Robotic Fitting makes your life easier than ever!

►Unique Adjustable Robotic Faucet Extender - If you can't handle your faucet, adjustability is the only factor that will let you down every time!
Our rotating anti-splash faucet is highly adjustable, so you can use it to adjust the water flow in any direction you want. Yes, any! Up, down, left, right.

►Two water spray modes - Barea™ has two rotating water spout modes for easy operation - a strong shower spray and a soft bubble spray.

  • With the strong shower mode, Barea™ effectively cleans while minimizing splashing water so you don't soak your shirt when washing your hands.

  • With the gentle bubble mode, you can easily wash your face and hands, and it's adjustable in any direction.

►A smart way to save water - The 1080° degree faucet head not only improves water flow and prevents the splashing problem, but also is a smart way to save water.

►Installation is a breeze - The main advantage of Barea™ - Universal Rotating 1080° Robotic Faucet over other similar devices is its easy installation. To install it, all you need to do is the following;

  1. Remove the faucet's bubbler.
  2. Install the inner and outer adapters of the faucet extension.
  3. Attach it to the opening of your faucet and turn it until it is tight. That's it!

►Fits any faucet - Barea™ is not only customizable and easy to install, it's also widely compatible. That means you can attach it to almost any type of faucet you want. This includes faucets in the kitchen, bathroom, restaurant, and even your farm.


  • Material: brass/ABS
  • Inner diameter: 20mm/22m
  • Outer diameter: 24mm

Package Contents:

1* Barea™ - Universal Rotating 1080° Robot Fitting.

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