BumpProtect™ - Car bumper protection strips (set of 4) (50% discount)

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Do you own a car? Do you want to protect it from scratches? No problem, meet BumpProtect™ - invest NOW, save LATER!

Let's face it, scratches are inevitable when driving and can seriously affect the appearance and resale value of the car. More than half of all bumper damage occurs because you don't have protection to prevent it. Plus, your car occasionally gets small scratches, dents and dings when you open a door quickly or park your car on the wrong side.

The solution: meet BumpProtect™ - Car Bumper Protection Strips, an incredible invention that saves your wallet but keeps your car safe from small scratches, dents and dings. These simple, beautiful looking protective strips are designed to cover the corners of your bumpers and doors and look like part of your car's trim.

Don't get screwed by auto repair shops and save your hard earned money today!

Also, avoid frequent shop visits for your vehicle as they come at a high cost. A small repair and repainting of the bumper cost more than 100$. Therefore, investing in our BumpProtect™ is a must for you. And the icing on the cake is the 50% discount we offer on the protection of your car for a limited time.

Why choose BumpProtect™ - car bumper protection strips!

A Must-Have Investment - Investing in our BumpProtect™ is the need of the hour, because no one feels like going to the repair shop regularly and spending a lot of money. Invest now and save big money later.

Suitable for your car paint - We tested BumpProtect™ on dozens of test vehicles before launching it for quality assurance, and you can be sure it won't harm your vehicle's paint due to the paint-friendly PVC material.

Cover existing car scratches - Don't worry if you already have a few minor scratches on your car's bumper or doors, because BumpProtect™ can hide and cover them, and also protect against future scratches and scuffs.

Impact Protection - Once you apply BumpProtect™ to your car, you will provide your vehicle with safety protection and impact protection against minor impacts. Thanks to its thickness of 9 mm, you have everything you need to protect your beloved car.

How to install -

  1. Before installation, clean the appropriate areas to ensure that no grease, dust or water remains on the car paint.
  2. Peel off the adhesive on the back of the strip.
  3. Align the adhesive position and press firmly for at least 60 seconds.

NOTE: Avoid water for 24 hours to prevent the strips from falling off.


  • Material Type: Metal + PVC
  • Item weight: 100g

Package includes:

1 set (4pcs) * BumpProtect™ - Car bumper protection strips.

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