Cleancare™ - 7-in-1 Keyboard & AirPod Cleaning Brush Kit


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Did you know that millions of bacteria currently live on your keyboard, smartphone, and earbuds?

We use them continuously throughout the day - year in year out - without taking proper care of them. Because of that, they are home to anywhere from three times the bacteria living on your toilet seat to almost three times that living in a public restroom.

Those bacteria can manifest into various illnesses and infections on both yourself and your relatives.

Easily eliminate them with Cleancare™. Keep your hygiene in check and experience the infinite peace of having a perfectly cleaned living environment.

  • Easy to use with stunning results: Cleancare™ is super easy to use and effortlessly gets in between the keys, removing all dust and debris in seconds. Cleaning hard-to-reach spots has just become a breeze.
  • Makes your Airpods feel brand new: Two differently sized pointy tips can get in the tight and small spaces to dig up dirt and earwax. Suitable for cleaning Airpods and their charging case, or for cleaning the charging port of your phone and tablet.
  • Improves performance & audio quality: Cleancare™ allows you to clean every component of your devices, ensuring that nothing hinders their function. 
  • Easy to bring and use anywhere: Cleancare™ is composed of 7 smartly arranged tools. They all fit in a beautifully designed, compact case you can easily carry and use anywhere.
  • Does not damage your hardware: Cleancare™ is made entirely of soft ABS plastic and durable foam, including the bristles and cleaning tips. It does not include metal or hard bristles that will damage the smooth surface of your device, unlike other cleaning tools.


  • Material: ABS Plastic and Foam
  • 1x Keycap buckle
  • 1x Flannelette 
  • 1x Multifunctional cleaning pen
  • 1x Soft brush
  • 1x Translucent box cover
  • 1x Switch
  • 1x Spray bottle

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