Aquapoint™ - 360° Faucet Extender


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Extend the reach of your faucet without wasting water!

Does water always splash everywhere when you try to fill a bucket? Or does it feel awkward to wash big pots? Bring the water flow closer and avoid wasting water with our 360° Faucet Extender!

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Splash protection and water conservation - With our faucet extension, you can control the flow and direction of the water coming out of the faucet to better manage your water usage and avoid unnecessary splashing and wasting.

Versatile - Use to fill a bucket, wash hair, rinse vegetables, rinse your mouth, clean the sink and more!

Flexible gooseneck design - Our extension has a gooseneck design that allows you to freely adjust your faucet 360 degrees.

Quick and easy to install - No need to call a plumber. Just mount the front connector on your faucet and connect the other end to the extension, it's that simple.

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