DermaClean™ - 6-in-1 Wax Removal Kit (50% Discount)


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How do you clean your earwax? Cotton swabs? Traditional methods?

Your ears are more sensitive than your imagination. Please do not play with them!

Lose the dirt, not your hearing!

Now you can clean your ear wax without spending thousands of dollars and without undergoing painful surgeries!

Imagine the severe pain and discomfort associated with surgery and traditional methods of removing earwax. Plus, the fear of possible injury, infection and the high cost of visiting a specialist is a killer thought. DermaClean™ - 6-in-1 wax removal kit offers a solution to all these problems.

DermaClean™ cleans your ear with a flexible tip with spiral grooves that removes all ear wax and debris as it twists.

Throw away all cotton swabs because while they may seem harmless and convenient for cleaning your ears, they actually do more harm than good. Get DermaClean™ at home and enjoy all the benefits of easy earwax removal that DermaClean™ offers.

Plus, you can get DermaClean™ as a special offer, because we're offering a whopping 50% discount (for the first 100 customers only). It's time to say goodbye to dull hearing and hello to clear, sharp sound.

Learn why 1000's of our satisfied customers think DermaClean™ is a safe solution!

►Safe and painless earwax removal - Say no to traditional ear cleaning methods as they are also painful and dangerous. The flexible tip of DermaClean™ with spiral grooves removes earwax quickly and painlessly. It prevents the risk of infection and leaves a refreshing feeling with every application.

Hear crisp sounds again - Imagine having to endure painful procedures but not getting results, and now imagine the sight of the crisp sound you hear again after cleaning your ears with DermaClean™. Yes, this is how DermaClean™ affects your life.

Save your hard-earned money - Use it as often as you like, making DermaClean™ the most sought-after ear cleaning kit on the market. You'll never have to buy accessories after you buy it, saving you money in the long run.

Ear massage during cleaning - DermaClean™ effectively relieves itching and massages the ear canal during cleaning. The spiral design can relieve itching by massaging the ear canal regularly.

How it works - DermaClean™ contains the most advanced tools for perfect ear cleaning. All you have to do is turn the handle and the soft, flexible tip with spiral grooves removes all the earwax as if it wasn't there.


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Weight: 35g
  • Size: 11x3x3cm

Package contains:

  • 1 * DermaClean™ - 6-in-1 wax removal kit
  • 1 * Manual

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