Home Decoration™ - Anti-rust Metal Led Tequila Agave Plant (50% Discount)

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Get close to nature: make your home a center of tequila agave plants!

Do you love plants but can't find the time to take care of them? Do you want a reliable solution for dried up and dead plants? Do you want your plants to stay evergreen? We know your pain; that's why we introduce Hausdeko™ - Anti-Rust Metal Led Tequila Agave Plant.

House Deco™ resembles a lifelike agave plant; no one can guess its artificial presence. Thanks to its groundless design, it looks like it grows from the ground. Feel like you're growing out of the ground: this tequila plant will beautify any room you put it in.

In addition, the House Decoration™ is equipped with a solar-powered LED light that glows in 3 colors at night. These colors are so enchanting that you, your family and the neighborhood will be in awe. Once lit, Hausdeko™ will transform your ordinary place into a nighttime oasis.

Folks, we feel the urgency with which you want to put this masterpiece in your house, balcony, yard, terrace, garden and porch. For a limited time, we are offering 50% off House Deco™.

Act now because we have a limited number of pieces left. Put Hausdeko™ in your home before everyone does.

Why choose House Deco™ - Anti-Rust Metal Led Tequila Agave Plant?

Made for years to come - Made of stainless metal and sprayed with color accents, Hausdeko™ has an eye-catching presence, is waterproof and rustproof, and it will remain the same without being affected by any external element, rain or snow.

100% Handmade - House Deco™ is made with great attention to detail and 100% handmade. Our artisans have hand painted it with beautiful and vibrant colors, enough to draw attention from afar.

No tools are required for assembly - Place Hausdeko™ wherever you want. If you want to put it in your garden, fix the Hausdeko™ in the ground with a base, and if you want to put it on the ground, just put it on the ground as it is. Done.

Applicable scenario - House Deco™ is a great accent for garden, yard, pond, patio and lawn. You can use it on the ground, on a patio, or as an accent in an indoor or outdoor flower pot - the choice is yours!

A gift to remember - Guys, if you are looking for a gift for your loved ones, there is no better choice than the House Deco™. It's like a real tequila agave plant and a real feast for the eyes.

Perfect as a garden statue, party accessory or a great birthday or vacation gift for your friends and family.

Note: You can also place the House Deco™ in front of windows or in areas of your home where you don't want anyone to break in, as they are somewhat sharp-edged and act as a burglar deterrent.


  • Material: Anti-rust iron
  • Length of the base:
  • Small and medium base length: 6cm;
  • Large and extra large length: 6.5 cm,
  • The size of the leaf opening distance: (the distance between the leaves far left- far right).
  • S: About 24cm
  • M: About 30cm
  • L: About 43 cm
  • XL: About 51cm


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