Hydroft™ - Waterproof Spray (1+1 Free)

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The best solution for all your leaks!

Having trouble fixing a leak in your home? Hydroft™ - Waterproof Spray is an easy way to fix any leak! Fix leaks in your home without spending money on costly repairs!

It is a novel solution that can quickly solve the problem of leaks and holes in walls and ceilings. It is great for filling cracks and small holes, and the surface becomes smooth so that painting and other treatments can be done quickly and easily.

Injection gives it the density and flexibility of rubber, making it resistant to large temperature fluctuations, vibration, and mechanical impact.

Why Waterproof™ has over 3500 satisfied customers:

✔ Excellent for gutters, flashings, piping, PVC, masonry, concrete, and other applications.

✔ Very easy and safe for the workers

✔ Saves both time and money

✔ Seals leaks and cracks in a watertight manner

✔ Paintable surface

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