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No more messy cars and no more smelly interiors!

If you have a car and like to take long trips, you know that it is often difficult to keep the car clean. And if you have kids, it's even harder to keep the interior clean.

Imagine driving down the road and the interior of your car looks neat. No crumpled wrappers, no spilled drinks, and no scattered trash. You feel relaxed and reassured knowing your car is as clean as can be.

If you enjoy driving your car, always make sure it stays clean. That's what the Kona™ - Car Trash Can is all about, making sure the interior of your vehicle isn't cluttered with unwanted dust, dirt or trash. Its compact design, large capacity and waterproof material make it the perfect trash can for your car.

So if you want to drive in style with a spotless interior, Kona™ is the right choice. Plus, you can get it at half price because we care about your car. But wait, the 50% off offer is only for the first 100 customers and expires soon!

Why should you choose the Kona™ Car Trash Can!

Less mess, less worry - With a 3 liter capacity, the Kona™ is perfect for storing and cleaning snacks, fruit and small items in your car. Say goodbye to endless trips to the trash can.

Spill-proof & waterproof design - Worried about spills? Don't be, because Kona™ is waterproof and protects your vehicle from unwanted stains and spills. The convenient snap-on lid keeps the trash well sealed and prevents unpleasant odors from coming out of it.

Easy to install - The Kona™ car trash can comes with a high-strength hook that makes it easy to install in your car. You can hang it on the edge of the door, in the back seat or on the center console. It's that simple!

Multifunctional - The Kona™ is not only a trash can, but can also be used as a storage box for umbrellas, drink bottles and other small items, as well as an ashtray, cup holder or coin holder. The possibilities are endless!

Universal Fit - The Kona™ Car Trash Can is designed to fit all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, minivans, SUVs, campers, boats, semi-trucks, buses, cabs and more.

Package includes:

1 * Kona™ - Car Trash Can.

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