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The perfect leggings for cold days

Leah - warm fleece leggings look like sheer tights.... but in reality, it's a pair of leggings that will slim your legs and keep them warm in winter. Thanks to our innovative WarmFit© fabric, Leah - Warm Fleece Leggings look sheer and thin on the outside but are lined with warming fleece on the inside, so you won't freeze with them even in the lowest temperatures.

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With Leah - Warm Fleece Leggings you can wear your favorite clothes without getting cold legs. You'll stay warm in temperatures as low as -15°C and at the same time you can show off your beautiful legs, which are shaped by the unique design.

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  • WINTER LEGGINGS - With these tights, you can dress summery and stylish even on the coldest days without freezing your legs, thanks to the warm lining.


  • FITS ALL OUTFITS - You can wear our Leah - warm fleece leggings with all your outfits, whether you want to throw on a dress, a skirt, a long sweater or something summery!
Coggings Faux Collants Leggings d
  • TIGHTENS & SHAPES - Leah - warm fleece leggings effectively tighten your legs and make your tummy look flatter, so your legs are beautifully slim with any outfit.

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  • SUPER THIN & LIGHT - The fabric of our tights is very elastic, so you can move completely freely, without restrictions. They fit your legs like a second skin, so you will hardly notice them.

  • PERFECT FOR ANY EVENT - You can wear our Leah - warm fleece leggings tights to the office, school, casual parties, or even elegant events. The fabric is stretchy, does not get holes, and does not pull threads.

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    • Fleece: 80g/300g
    • Material: Fleece and nylon.
    • One size fits all: With elastic fabric for all body types between 40 - 95 kg.

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