NailWonder™ Nail Repair Gel (1+1 Free)

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The easiest & fastest solution for broken nails!

The secret to healthier looking nails is to make them stronger by avoiding peeling or premature breakage. If your nails aren't looking their best, it may be time to try NailWonder™ - Nail Repair Gel to get healthier looking nails.

✔ Strengthens nails
The unique formula strengthens your fingernails from the inside and seals them for perfect healing and a unique shine.

✔ Fixes nails in an instant
Instantly repairs and fills cracks in your nails with ease. The best part is that you can apply nail polish immediately after repairing your nails!

✔ Hassle-free application
You don't need to learn any special skills for this. Just apply the repair gel evenly on the broken nail surface. Let it dry for about 5 minutes. Then shape the nails and polish the nail surface smooth.

✔ Harmless for the nails
The eco-friendly repair gel is safe for human body and nails.


  • Contents: nail repair gel of 3ml

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