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Restore the shine of your vehicle!

Is your vehicle dirty and old? PerfCar™ will bring your car back to life! It's formulated with the latest in nanotechnology. Not only does it cover years of scuffs, dents, and scratches, but it also improves your vehicle's coverage and restores its shine!

This is why PerfCar™ has over 3200 satisfied customers:

✓ Covers Scratches - Covers scratches of any depth and makes your car look like new!

✓ Polish - The product helps restore your car to its natural shine.

✓ Gentle on paint - The formula does not attack, fade or remove paint when applied and dried.

✓ Anti-Irritant - The car scratch remover is made of non-irritant and mildly arranged ingredients that are not harmful when inhaled or in contact with the skin.

✓ Weather Resistant - The formula is water resistant, from simple splashes to thunderstorms and floods.

✓ Impact Resistant - The car scratch remover not only covers scratches but also strengthens the integrity on and around the scratch area.

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