Riemer™ - Adhesive Leather Refresher Cuttable Sofa Repair (50% Off)

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Don't let expensive leather goods end up in the trash! Discover how you can do easy DIY repairs at LOW a cost.

Instant Leather Restore Patch seamlessly repairs rips, tears, burns, and damaged leather parts, providing a flawless touch-up for old or torn areas. The waterproof, high-quality leather material applies effortlessly to flat or curved surfaces and offers superior flexibility to cover damaged areas and extend the life of your leather.

Our self-adhesive repair patch can be cut to size and applied in just seconds. No additional polishing or tools are required.

Bring your favorite furniture and clothing back to life!

For natural or faux leather restoration, it is the best alternative to repairing chairs or sofas made of real or faux leather! It repairs scratches and tears on car seats, chairs, or sofas. Just cut out the desired shape with scissors and your furniture will be repaired in minutes!

Easy to repair and match the colors of all leather products!

These kits are easy to use, can replicate the color and feel of the original leather, and use high-quality material that will last as long as the surrounding leather, sometimes longer. When it comes to choosing the best leather repair kit, quality is critical to the outcome.


✓ Leather Repair Patch: 
the leather repair patch is made of high-quality PU leather fabric, which is smooth to the touch and can repair the texture of the sofa. It can be stuck on various surfaces and can be removed easily without leaving any residue. It has a longer service life.

✓Large size can be cut:
Various colors and sizes of leather patch tape size. One sheet 50 x 137CM, you can cut it any shape you want, cost saving.

✓ Strong paste:
More durable leather and non-residual adhesive, do not fall, paste on a few seconds, and leather that never leaves scratches. Non-toxic and environmental protection, the leather patch is wear-resistant, waterproof, and durable.

✓ Reliable material: Compared with other unscrupulous traders, our products have higher quality materials and thickness.

✓ Apply to everything: The leather patch kit can be used in any situation that requires the renewal of aging leather and vinyl surfaces. Damaged surfaces found in any vehicle such as cars, planes, ships, or furniture such as sofas, and chairs.

✓ Easy cutting: The leather scratch repair patch is soft enough and has high viscosity. It can go around corners or on a cushion with available size. You can also cut it into different sizes and shapes with scissors flexibly. Sufficient space will make your sofa without obvious stains.

✓ Widespread: Dieses this repair tape can help repair tears in vinyl sofas, sofas, chairs, car seats, bags, wallets, boots, jackets, belts, suitcases, boots, car seats, gloves, motorcycle seats or cover holes, recliners, handbags, reclining seats, truck seats, ottomans, and furniture.


1. clean the damaged surface
2. cut the desired shape
3. Peel off and stick on. High-quality self-adhesive repair patches help you fix all kinds of scratches or holes easily.
Tips: Please clean the object and keep it dry before sticking it on


1x Self-adhesive leather patch

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