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No more dark spots in your home - Rosé Lights™ illuminate where you need it most!

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This light is not only cozy, but also very practical! With it you can automatically illuminate any place with light. So you save a lot of money and energy, because with this you can never again forget to turn off a lamp!undefinedForget drilling holes or worrying about complicated wiring. Senzore™ comes with a magnetic back that attaches seamlessly to any metal surface. Wherever you place it, Senzore™ provides much-needed illumination while you cook, work or read.

Why you should choose Rosé lights™ LED light bar with motion sensor!

EASY INSTALLATION - Forget about drilling holes or complicated wiring. Rosé lights™ come with self-adhesive magnets that attach seamlessly to any surface.

Attach the self-adhesive magnets to the back and stick them to any surface, whether it's drywall, cabinets, wood or other surfaces without worrying about damaging or leaving any residue on the surface.3 COLOR LIGHTS & ADJUSTABLE MULTIPLE LIGHTING - The LED light is equipped with three color temperatures: 3000k warm white, 4000k natural white and 6000k cold white. Moreover, you can adjust the brightness on multiple levels, which can even illuminate dark corners perfectly.

SAFE LIGHT - NO BLUE RAY - Rosé lights™ LEDs are equipped with the latest side lighting and so-called anti-glare technology. The light is softer and brighter than the old version of direct light. The high-quality LEDs are therefore not only energy-saving, but also protect your eyes from blinding rays.undefined

3 OPERATING MODES SETTABLE - Rosé lights™ comes with a 3-mode switch that allows you to turn the light on and off, as well as set it to motion sensor mode. Therefore, you can use this kitchen light as a normal night light for cabinets and drawers or as a motion sensor. In G mode and in a dark environment, the cabinet light automatically detects human movement within 1.5 meters and turns off automatically after 25 seconds of no movement.undefined

VIA USB CHARGABLE AND ENERGY SAVING - Rosé lights™ has a high capacity rechargeable battery that is easily charged via the included USB cable. Once charged, the LED light can operate in motion sensor mode (G) for 60 days (activate 10 times per day).undefined

WIDE APPLICATIONS - This multifunctional closet light is ideal for the bedroom, baby room, closet, closets, hallway, workshop, basement, garage, staircase, garage entrances, pantry and other places.undefinedPACKAGE INCLUDES:

1 * Rosé lights™ - LED strip with motion sensor

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