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Silky smooth skin without the hassle

Every woman knows the problem of having to shave her legs almost every day. Even in winter, when no one sees the hair under your warm clothes. That's why we created the SmoothSkin Epilator™ for this problem. From now on, you can easily and painlessly remove your hair in minutes with just one device.

Hair removal at the touch of a button 

Thanks to the innovative micro-oscillation technology, you can quickly and painlessly remove hair from any part of your body with just one movement. This ensures long-lasting smooth and soft skin. So you have enough time for the things you love!

Expensive hair removal is a thing of the past

The SmoothSkin Epilator costs only one waxing treatment or the purchase of a pack of razor blades. A wax treatment or the purchase of razor blades only lasts for 1.5 months, while the SmoothSkin Epilator lasts for several years.

  • Thanks to its small, cordless, and waterproof design, you can take the SmoothSkin Epilator anywhere and use it. Even in the shower!

  • Thanks to the two included Sensa-light epilating heads, you can remove long and short hairs painlessly and without skin irritation. So you can keep your skin soft and smooth anytime, anywhere. Without missing a hair.

  • The long-lasting battery allows you to use the SmoothSkin Epilator for 60 minutes without recharging it.

Feel better during the day with Smooth Skin

Imagine waking up, and being able to depilate your legs or other body parts in seconds. Start the day right and feel fresh all day with your soft skin. When you need it again, just take it out of your pocket or purse and use it again. Try it now! You have nothing to lose!

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    • 1x SmoothSkin Epilator™
    • 2x interchangeable heads
    • 1x cleaning brush, 1x USB adapter

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